2016 Artists

    Lorelle Miller- Featured Artist

    California artist Lorelle Avonne Miller expresses a lifetime of developed technique and personal investigation in her works that comprise oils, pastel, marble sculpture, and other mediums. Evidenced in her artwork is a unique sensitivity for mood and emotion, which offer a glance into the deeper wells of her experience.

    Ms. Miller shares her visions of natural beauty and the intensity of the human experience through her paintings and sculpture. She utilizes a broad yet finely tuned spectrum of media, each of which contributes to her expression in visual art. Her subject matter has been generally figurative throughout most of her career, but expressed within it is a deep-seated passion for nature. The extraordinary challenges of landscape and plein-air painting have fed her continuing hunger to grow as an artist and a painter.

    Ms. Miller graduated from California State University, Northridge, earning her BA in art with special emphasis on illustration, graphic design, and sculpture. She continued with graduate work in sculpture and illustration and later received a professional designation as a Teaching Artist from the Music Center Education Department and the Los Angeles Arts Commission. She served as a corporate graphics manager for 15 years and also worked as a freelance graphic artist and illustrator while continuing to develop her skills as a fine artist in oil painting, pastels, and sculpture.

    Ms. Miller’s desire to develop as a painter, a street artist, and a sculptor brought her to the doorsteps of many master artists. She has continued her development in stone sculpture and has attended the Marble Symposium in Colorado. There, she had the opportunity to work with many renowned master carvers from around the world.

    Ms. Miller is also known for her involvement as a madonnara (street painter). Over the last 18 years, she has been an invited and featured artist in countless festivals throughout California and others in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Norway. There, she has demonstrated her passion for beautiful pastels, working individually and on international team projects, and has received prestigious awards. She continues to work as a freelance 2D and 3D street painting artist for We Talk Chalk on various corporate and international projects.

    Ms. Miller is presently teaching educational professionals the correlation between art and science for the ESCAPE program sponsored by UCI, Segerstroms Performing Art Center and the Orange County Department of Education. She has been involved with teaching fine arts classes for College of the Canyons for 15 years and taught plein air painting workshops for Ventura College. She has also taught in the Saugus School District and was an instructor at SCV-Arts in Santa Clarita for 10 years as well as served as chairman and vice chairman of the Arts Advisory Board for the City of Santa Clarita. She presently gives private instruction in painting and continues to teach street painting nationally and internationally.

    To see Lorelle A. Miller’s portfolio, read her blog, and view the awards and honors she’s received, visit www.lorellemiller.com.

    Rachel “Tippy” Boyd

    past work

    Tippy Boyd started chalking in 2013, when she launched her business called Out of Dust Designs. Creating custom chalk art and hand lettering for events, gifts, restaurants, decor, etc. She is a member of Georgia Chalk Artist Guild and loving then chalk world.  Www.facebook.com/outofdustdesigns

    Elise Colter & Lindsey  Tucker


    Elise Colter and Lindsey Tucker live in Hendersonville, Tennessee and are seniors at Merrol Hyde Magnet School, where they have taken art classes and run a calligraphy club. Both paint in their free time and are excited for the opportunity to participate in the Nashville Chalk Fest.

    Alyssa Fosnight


    My name is Alyssa Fosnight and I am a Doctor of Audiology student at Vanderbilt University. I’m in my last year of the program, so I am very excited about graduating and becoming a Pediatric Audiologist. My hometown is West Milton, Ohio, so I feel obligated to say O-H ___! I mainly draw/paint for fun in my free time. I enjoy experimenting with different mediums and I try not to confined myself to a sheet of paper (ex. A couple of times I took some window crayons and drew on my windows). What I love about art is that it has no rules or boundaries, so for me it allows me to just be me. I look forward to participating in the Nashville Chalk Fest as an artist!

    Carey Haynes


    Born in Atlanta, GA, I grew up in Texas, Germany and Tennessee. I started drawing and painting as a child and continued exploring art throughout my early education. I continued studying art at Queens College, Charlotte NC and received a degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 1984.

    Painting is a source of great joy and peace for me. My goals with my art are to create images that leave the viewer with a sense of happiness. Most of the images I create are considered mixed media. The use of acrylic and oil paints, paint mediums, pastels, inks, fabric, paper, pencil and pen provide the opportunity for endless creative possibilities. My faith, family and friends are the inspiration for the images I create; they are the harmony and the love.


    Damaris Nino

    Damaris Niño is a Tennessee based artist residing in a southern suburb of Nashville.  She received her BFA in 2012 from Middle Tennessee State University, focusing on Painting and minoring in ceramics. Since then Damaris has been dedicating her time to her true passion which is painting creating original compositions and also creating commissions. She also has dedicated her time to teaching fine arts in different settings whether it is at a school or as private lessons. She has shown her work in several galleries in the Middle Tennessee area and has been published in a few online journals, local magazines and newspapers. From live painting to creating some unique hand painted necklaces, Mrs. Nino finds passion in her work and loves to share it with others. The genre of art she can be categorized under could be abstract expressionism, some realism, up to street art. Her use of bold colors fill up her canvas, and different brush strokes give the expression or feeling that the artist wants to convey along with the composition. Lately Damaris has been exploring different mediums such as chalk art and installations. In her original works you will find meaning and intention through each piece. www.splashedoncanvas.carbonmade.com

    Sabir Robinson



    I began drawing when I was a toddler and I was self-taught until I attended the Art Institute.  I was introduced to the artwork of Norman Rockwell in 7th grade and he has since then been my biggest inspiration.  More recently I have been influenced by the 19th century Realism art movement, as well as the artwork of Henry Ossawa Tanner.  My love for creating art led me to fashion and tattoo design as a teenager; and as an adult, I was exposed to and fell in love with graphic design.  This field allows me to work in various mediums, both traditional and digital, with limitless possibilities. 

    Traditionally I love dry media, therefore I enjoy charcoal, pencil and chalk drawing.  Digitally I prefer vector artwork and creating logos and unique pieces for special events. Professionally, I aspire to brand corporations and small businesses, while also teaching low income communities about the art of graphic design.

    Brianagh Sullivan



    Zack Herndon- Guest Artist

    Zach Herndon is an artist living in Atlanta, GA. He’s was first introduced to chalking through his wife, Jessi Queen, at the 2011 SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival and has since worked side by side with her at national/international festivals where he’s passionate about engaging festival patrons and including them in the process. Zach took the plunge and chalked solo for the first time at the Sarasota International Chalk Festival in 2015. His crisp line-work and attention to detail lent itself to the success of a still life work by Roy Lichtenstein which he later developed his own method for chalking Lichtenstein’s famous ben-day dots. Zach is a co-founder of the Georgia Chalk Artists Guild. http://www.gachalkartists.org/zacharyherndon/

    Jessi Queen- Guest Artistchalkfest056

    Jessi Queen is an award winning chalk artist living in Atlanta, GA. She received her BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design and has been creating chalk murals on the sidewalk since 2007. She has participated in national and international chalk festivals including in Italy and Germany. With fellow chalk artists she started the Georgia Chalk Artists Guild which has grown to over 20 members from GA and around the country. www.jessiqueen.com/

    Chelsea Apple


    Chelsea Apple is a Nashville native, a literary publicist by day, and an artist who primarily works with chalk, pastels, and colored pencils by night. She began working with chalk in 2015, and experiments with classical and natural themes. 


    Grant Benoit


    Grant Benoit is a printmaker and sculptor hailing from the bayous of the deep south. He holds an Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL and is currently the 2016-17 Artist in Residence at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN. He exhibits both nationally and internationally, most recently having solo exhibitions at DEMO Project in Springfield, IL and Eichold Gallery in Mobile, AL as well as being included in an exhibition in Wirral, England at the Williamson Museum. www.grantbenoit.com

    Abby Coppage


    Making texture a vision and emotion into a landscape, Abby Coppage creates a world each time she procures a paintbrush, pen or marker. In her striated lines and distorted creations she takes the mundane and ordinary and turns them into lowbrow gold. Get lost in the lines!


    Megan Gill


    I work as a Mixed Media Artist living in Nashville Tennessee. I graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts in Graphic Design. I fell in love with web design and worked as a web designer for small rural hospitals for 7 years.

    The corporate world left my body stressed and unhealthy. I ended up on a road of discovery back to my first love art. Through art and yoga,  I learned  how to intuitively trust my body, heart, deal with my emotions and experiences.  My themes include feelings, passion, love, mystery and self-acceptance.   I experiment with texture, color, watercolor, acrylic, joint compound, stencils and always glitter. My inspiration includes my personal experiences, Pintrest, movies, books and nature.

    I have shown my work at the Mayday Brewery Folk-N-Art Festival and at several silent foundation auctions in Nashville. I am currently selling prints at www.Society6.com/meganbaileygill and on www.meganbgill.com.

    Tracy Montoya

    Past work 3

    I am a freelance artist. My work is figurative in nature from portraits, to figures in specific settings, to how people are connected to their environment. I also take on commissioned work as well, which ranges from portrait work, to specific designs, to commercial drawings and advertisements for businesses. I work primarily in pencil, charcoal, pastel, color pencil, watercolor painting, and acrylic painting. I also have been in art education in some capacity for over 10 years now.

    Currently, I am exploring images through a theatrical, cinematic perspective. I am trying to explore the use light, both natural and artificial lighting, textures, natural and created backgrounds, and how they can help create the subject and affect the emotional state of my image. I create images that are edited versions of the original photos. They are representational in style, but are often fictional and surreal, abstract at times and sometimes all of the above in subject matter. I use my family and myself often as subjects in my work. I also recently began working on landscapes where still might be some figurative relationship with landscape. I keep finding new ways to grow as an artist and my students and my own children are my greatest teachers and sources of inspiration.


    Sydney Paige

    Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

    Sydney Paige in a Tennessee native who creates under the name Sad Hound. Her art is an interpretation of her memories, lifestyle and current culture. She is often influence by cryptozoology, the search for extraterrestrial life, paranormal happenings and general occultism. Most of her art expresses her need to find humor in all things. Usually working in small scale with minimal media, she is most comfortable with pen on paper.

    Chelsey Smidt

    My name is Chelsey Smidt. I’ve lived in the Nashville area my whole life. This is my first chalk festival ever and first time really working with chalk. However, I always have some kind of painting or drawing I’m working on. One of my favorite subjects to work with is my dog, Shep. I’m just now starting to share my art with more and more people. I figured this would really bring me out of my comfort zone and stretch me as an artist. I’m so excited to be accepted as an artist for this event and I can’t wait for September! https://www.instagram.com/thesmidttensloth/

    James Wheeler


    James Wheeler moved to the Atlanta area in 2014 from Nashville, TN. He studied graphic design at MTSU and that is where he found a love for typography. He has since spent time exploring new mediums and experimenting with typography in each. Through collaboration with his friend Quan McFall, he created chalk pieces all around downtown Nashville. The pair were then noticed by a member within the Nashville Predators organization who offered them some work to promote the team and several production companies around the city. He has also been working toward starting his own skateboard deck company that will feature his art.


    Amanda Hoback- Guest Artist


    I live in Simpsonville, KY. This is only my second event outside a charity event I do every year in Elizabethtown, KY. I like to do interactive or action pieces so this year’s piece will be my first portrait attempt.


    Holly Schineller- Guest Artist

    Holly Schineller, a resident of Tempe, Arizona, attended both the California College of Art and Arizona State University to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art. She finds inspiration in nature, the sciences and mathematics. For the past six years her commercial work has been focused on glass fusing including trophies and architectural installations. Holly began teaching at the Scottsdale Artist School in 2014. She spends the majority of her volunteer time in the artistic and nontheistic communities. Her work also includes drawing, painting, and the ephemeral art form Street Painting. Holly enjoys getting people excited about science and bringing its beauty to the street. “The pastels allow me to create images and ideas I can’t always express in glass.” You can see some of her commercial pieces on her Facebook page LWA or her street painting work on her Facebook page Holly Grounded.

    Jacob Brooks


    Jacob A Brooks is an artist based out of Nashville, TN specializing in bright, vibrant art. He works in pen and ink, acrylic, mixed media and paint pens. He is also an award winning street-painter.  Jacob competed in his first chalk festival in 2008 and fell in love with the art form.

    “I love the transitory nature of Street Painting, it is a microcosm for the temporary nature of our existence and the existence of everything that we create. Eventually it will all be washed away, and it needs to be enjoyed for the entire creation and refinement process, not just as a finished product.”


    Twitter: @jacobabrooks Instagram: @jacobbrooksart

    Facebook: fb.me/jacobbrooksart

    Madison Clell


    Charles Shultz’s ‘Peanuts’ cartoons taught Madison Clell how to read, and as a result she became hooked on visual story telling. After studying trombone and fine arts at the University of Oregon, she created a darkly humorous comic book series about trauma and recovery, and was recruited to transform the series into a play that debuted in San Francisco in 2009.  Post playwriting and B&W cartooning, Madison stumbled into the world of chalk art and realized that this art form was a fun match for her kinetic drawing style. She loves the bold colors, physicality, and open public access of this art form. Madison is particularly thrilled to be part of the Nashville Chalk Festival which benefits the Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences  as she has a minor hearing impairment and often sports decorated  hearing aids. Swing by her square for both work in progress and free hearing-aid-friendly pony beads! www.madisonclell.com

    Sinclair Dotson


    Sinclair Sharpe Dotson is a visual artist based out of East Nashville, concentrating in oil painting, stippling and illustration. She is native to Nashville, Tennessee and attended Western Kentucky University, where she received her bachelor’s in Sociology with a minor in Studio Art. Artists such as Wayne Thiebaud, James R. Eads, and Mustafa Özel influence her art. She draws inspiration from the human form, satire, and emotion. Her current projects include The Swatch Project that contains a series of exaggerated female figures painted in lively pushed-color on reclaimed metal samples, and an untitled series of paintings that focuses on movement, hidden images, emotion, and the struggle of our own internal existence. She hopes to accomplish thought-provoking visuals for her audience, but at the same time create an escape in which the viewer can lose oneself. Dotson is excited to participate in this year’s Nashville Chalk Fest and hopes to bring something intriguing to the street.


    George Gallardo

    I’m fairly new to art making, although I’ve been a fan for a while. I give the handbook “The Artists Way” much credit for a more focused effort of creative output, as well support from others along the way. I’ve been doing chalk drawings for about 1-2 years. I really like the openness, the colors and the playfullness. In that time frame, simply having fun, I’ve seen a progression in that medium. In continuing creative efforts with other areas, being open to a nudge and responding to cues to explore have been my guides.

    Tanoa Maddox


    Tanoa is a recent graduate of the Master of Deaf Education program at Vanderbilt University, and is now a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing for Metro Nashville Public Schools. This is her 2nd year participating in the Nashville Chalk Fest.

    Shannon Neumann


    I am a California native. Although I am an executive assistant at a large company here in Nashville I still like to dabble in art in my spare time.  There isn’t just one particular  thing I like to do –I do anything from cake making to life drawing- I like to try my hand at everything and I have always been good at making nothing into something. This is my second year doing chalk art here and I look forward to many more years to come.

    Jennifer Richardson and the Adventures in Art Club


    The Art Institute of Tennessee-Nashville is being represented at the Nashville Chalk Fest by The Adventures in Art Club – a large student group formed of art enthusiast. Our Art Nouveau inspired design was created by Dulce Saucedo, a Graphic Design student. The participating students are majoring in Interior Design, Graphic Design, Media Arts & Animation, Graphic & Web Design, and Digital Photography. This is the second year the group has participated in Nashville Chalk Fest and they look forward to many more.

    Geneva Thomas

    My name is Geneva Thomas, and I am sixteen.
    I am also: A world traveler, a body activist, a runner, an artist, a proud christian, and I LOVE COFFEE.

    Website: http://heyitsgeneva.weebly.com/my-artwork.html

    YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClTXZhaoBTHbc-CkZaBDxZA

    Arden Von Haeger


    With more than three decades of professional illustration and graphic design experience, and more than 1000 pieces of artwork created for a variety of clients and projects over his career, Arden von Haeger brings an extensive skill set to the professional field and the classroom.

    Trained under Austrian Painter Henry Koener (1915-1991), and Romainian Master Flavia Zortea (b.1934) at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and after having earned his MFA from the University of Hartford Art School, under the direction of Hall of Fame Illustrator Murray Tinkelman (b. 1939), von Haeger now shares his time and talents in the classroom where he teaches foundations, illustration and graphic design at several local and regional institutions.

    Utilizing both traditional and digital mediums, in both fine and commercial art disciplines, coupled with his vast experience as a professional artist, Arden von Haeger brings an extraordinary repertoire of practice and vocation into every aspect of his creative career, where his passion for art is fully realized. His professional demeanor and execution on every project as a professional, as well as his energy and educational contribution tin the classroom with every student, allow Arden many opportunities to share his love of art with everyone he comes in contact with.